5 Places to Shower on the Road

 "Where do you shower?" is always a common question asked by our friends, or anyone who learns of our travels. Here is a list of the places we get our scrub-a-dub on.


1. Van Solar Shower - we referenced WheresMyOfficeNow while building our solar shower. Like every DIY project, we had to improvise after not being able to find the exact parts at hardware stores near us. The unit lives on top of our van, holds almost 6 gallons of water, and soaks up the heat of the sun all day. If we find some open BLM land with no one in sight, it's shower time! It's pressurized through an old bicycle tire valve (epoxied into the PVC) that we hook up to our mini 12v air compressor. The water is definitely warmer than the nearby rivers after a day of sunshine. We bought the most shower-like garden hose sprayer we could find and it works like a charm.  

2. Campgrounds - like many van dwellers, we're on a budget and hardly paying for campsites (boondocking, baby!). Sure, you could sneak into a campground to shower (okay, we've done it once), but the nicer route would be to pay the few dollar fee to use their showers! We've found National and State Parks with shower fees of $2-$5. Deals!

3. Gyms - most gyms sell day passes and some have free passes for first-timers (you may just have to conjur up a local address). Don't just pop in for a shower though...catch a workout class, get a climb in, or use the gym equipment too! 

4. Truck Stops - larger truck stops we've been through have had clean, cheap showers. Not a bad option when you're in more populated areas, but more expensive than most campgrounds. We haven't actually tried this option out yet, but have checked them out and keep it in our pocket for when the moment is right.

5. Friends/Family - of course, a given, but you don't have to only stop by your mom's house. Post on Facebook and see who is willing to let you shower! It's also a vantastic (see what I did there) way to catch up with friends who you may have lost touch with. Cook them dinner and try not to dirty up their shower too much.


Daily showers are definitely a thing of our past. We now take full showers once or twice a week (or when Bryan finds a cold stream to rinse off in) and take advantage of baby wipes in between. Probably more than you want to know...


Go have fun and happy showering!