Howdy folks! We're Bryan and Sarah, a couple setting off to roam North America for a year (and hopefully more!) in our camper van Copa.  Instead of writing our own bios, we decided to sequester ourselves in opposite corners of the van and write each other's.  Our first drafts came out pretty good, so here's the unedited, uncensored, truth about team Copacavana.

About Sarah (written by Bryan)

Powered by sunshine, veggies and coffee, this little nugget is the full time funstigator, dance party enthusiast and navigator in training of Copacavana. Her positive attitude keeps the good vibes constant and gives us perspective when things don't go our way. Keep this woman warm and her energy never fades, there might be something reptilian in the bloodline. She can frequently be found giving thorough inspection to wildflowers in everywhere from backcountry meadows to shopping center parking lots. This purse-less wonder prefers to travel light and keep nothing in her hands, but if she's got a fanny pack or backpack on it's highly likely she's got fruit stashed somewhere inside it. 

She's the toughest lady out there, and usually sports more scrapes and bruises than a 3rd grader on summer vacation, but you won't hear a peep of complaints from her side of the van. She's hiked Mt. Whitney in sandals and ran a marathon on almost no training. When it's party time, she's the one bouncing to bluegrass or creating flawless dad-dance moves when anything trendy comes on.

She sleeps like a saint, and will only be roused by the roar of the fiercest lion...or the smell of coffee. When she wakes up surly, back scratches and cuddles yield positive results. 

She's also the architect behind many of the unique and inventive meals we make in the van. Deeply knowledgable (and well read) in all things food, going to a natural grocery store is like a trip to Disneyland. An enthusiast of all things sweet/chocolatey, don't tell her you can't make dessert in a van...the things she puts together without a freezer or an oven will make you believe in the impossible. She's also been a lifelong vegetarian, but she won't tell you unless you're about to feed her (unlike most 3 week old vegans). 

Wrap this all up into a bundle and you’ve got the ideal van-mate. Here’s to many more miles, mountaintops, and veggie burritos! 

About Bryan (written by Sarah)

Bryan is an angel covered in fur. He constantly smells of peanut butter and whatever we ate for dinner the night before. Among these qualities that led Sarah to him, Bryan also plays many roles in La Copacavana. 

A few of the most notable:

#1 Handyman - fixer of all things that break due to age (our van is old) or broken by Sarah. Bryan is the type of guy who can saw apart a piece of wood with a drill if there isn't a saw blade around. By crafting up special uses for the limited tools we fit in the van and watching a few YouTube videos, there is literally nothing he can't fix in here. And you would never know that he doesn't have a full garage of supplies. 

#2 DJ - playlist extraordinaire, Bryan puts together all the funky jams we dance party to on a daily basis. Playlists appropriate for all situations are definitely his specialty. Funk music for Monday dinner? Bluegrass while cruising by the Tetons? Reggae for an early morning drive sess? He's got it covered.

#3 Main Pilot - thousands of miles down and Bryan still isn't getting tired of driving Copa. I'm sure he's somehow enhanced her original turning radius. He maneuvers this thing like it's a smart car. Always threadin' the needle on dirt roads and parallel parking in cities like it's nothing. His sense of direction is the only way we got out of California, or honestly the Bay Area, and is strongly appreciated in La Copacavana.

#4 Short Order Chef - if it involves cheese or eggs, Bryan's in charge. Maker of the best scrambles, grilled cheeses and quesadillas, we will never go hungry - or feel our tastebuds after all the chili powder.  Also, he's a Mexican condiment expert - guacamole and salsa are his jam. He makes the best guacamole in all the land (which we eat for lunch on a daily basis). After the great La Copacavana salsa shortage of 2016 (aka we went further north than Oregon) Bryan purchased a salsa maker and has made us the most delicious, fresh salsa ever.

#5 Photographer - have you seen any cool photos of Copa? That definitely wasn't Sarah. Bryan can take photos that make Sarah's greasy hair look like it's been washed in the past week, or hide the fact that we've NEVER washed our van. Magic, pure magic. 

#6 Party Starter - if this wasn't obvious enough with DJ, Bryan is always helping spirits run high. Making dinner turns into a dance party, our engine overheating turns into a guacamole fiesta pit stop, on the road van improvement days turn into late night brownie and pancake runs. No matter what's going on, he sees the good in every situation. His thrill for life and passion for the earth's wild places is extremely contagious.  

About Copa (written by B/S)

Our oversized bundle of joy, Copa gets us from point A to point B at a trusty, slow pace. Born in 1992, she was an overly cluttered Ford E-250 grandma van. Her rebirth in 2015 has brought her closer to her natural state, interiorly putting off the Baja beach vibes she always dreamed of while staying properly creepy on the outside. This heavyset chariot has transported her passengers on nearly 170,000 miles of camping adventures, along with several trips to the auto shop. Typically, she can be found at a new camping location nightly (not drastically far from the night prior). She enjoys brewing up some fresh coffee every morning, guacamole pitstops (when her brakes are overheating), moderately cool weather (because the A/C doesn’t work) and engaging in party mode when the moment is right. Some of her speakers may be blown, but her funky jams can still be heard by those in the next campsite over. Her only chance of getting a speeding ticket is if she’s headed downhill with the wind behind her…if that moment comes,  we’re planning a party. She's absolutely perfect for the two of us and couldn’t ask for a better tiny home for our journey across North America.